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7 Steps to Fabulous


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Are you more glum than glam? Are you looking past your sell by date? Could you do with an overhaul? Yes? Then this book is for YOU. Ellen Frazer-Jameson believes that being fabulous is fantastic and what is even more fantastic is that anyone can be it. Over the years Ellen has noticed that just seven steps have helped her achieve her fabulous lifestyle and that by following these simple steps, you too can look, feel and be fabulous. As you embrace and practice the Seven Steps to Fabulous! you will find yourself growing more confident, more prosperous and more loved. You will emit a vibrant inner glow that attracts amazing people, situations and opportunities. You will look and feel fabulous simply by incorporating these seven steps into your life. Don’t delay – take the steps – NOW! STEP 1 FACE FACTS STEP 2 BE AGELESS STEP 3 BRING RICHES TO YOUR LIFE STEP 4 LOOK GOOD, BE PASSIONATE STEP 5 IDENTIFY YOUR DREAM STEP 6 MAKE THINGS HAPPEN STEP 7 LOVE AND BE LOVED In this fun and revealing guide author and life coach Ellen Frazer-Jameson offers her seven steps to unleashing the fabulousness within you. Practice them daily and soon you will look, feel and be truly FABULOUS!



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