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Chomp, Chomp, Chomp: How I Survived a Bear Attack and Other Cautionary Tales


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“…How many people wake up one morning, take a deep breath of clean mountain air and say to themselves ‘Wow. What a great day! I think I’ll go out and get myself mauled by a bear’?

This one’s not quite full-grown, and it’s haunched down like a dog, tensed and coiled and ready to spring. We make eye contact for the merest fraction of a second, but in this moment I know exactly what’s coming….”

-From “Chomp, Chomp, Chomp; How I Survived a Bear Attack and Other Cautionary Tales”, © 2015 by Allena Hansen

Ever wonder what would be going through your mind while you were being eaten alive by a wild beast (other than its bloody fangs)? Neither had Allena Hansen until she found herself serving as the main course of a California black bear’s mid-summer luncheon.

Unfortunately for her, the damages were significant. Fortunately for us, she took copious mental notes during the attack, survived, and concluded that after the trauma inflicted by her refined 1960s upbringing, her stint as Playboy’s token intellectual bimbo, and enough cowgirl angst to knock even Job for a loop, being mauled by a bear “just came naturally.”

In this wry collection of true-life latter day Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Hansen shares some of the more untoward misadventures that lead up to her 2008 attack and its aftermath, all while posing the age-old question, ‘What makes a survivor?”

Read this book and remain as puzzled as ever, but as you marvel at Hansen’s uncompromisingly bad judgment and uncanny resilience — and tsk tsk in fascinated horror over her poor life’s choices (“We also serve who merely stand as bad examples”) — you just might learn something that could save your sanity.

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award:
Gold Medal for Best Autobiography/Memoir of 2015

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award:
Silver Medal/Runner up; Best Inspirational Book 2015



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