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Paperback / 400 pages

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Enchanted was a delight for me to write. Imagine finding yourself alone, with no memory, while attending a gala event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The young stranger experienced a panic attack. Eventually, she approached a handsome, older man. After hearing her story, he invited her to stay a few days in his pool house. He lived in Duchess County, New York. The black limousine was swallowed into the darkness.
Mr. Grover and the beautiful stranger with blue/black hair lived together many months as friends. The attraction existed like a magnet between from the beginning. How could they fall in love? What if she remembered another life with husband and children? What a dilemma!This story of two damaged souls is told by Mr. Grover’s housekeeper of many years. She knew the first Mrs. Grover, who committed suicide when she received a death sentence of an inoperable brain tumor.

Travel with the couple on exotic adventures without leaving the comforts and securities of home. Fall in love with the beautiful stranger and handsome, wealthy widower, Mr. Grover.



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