Tori Bailey - Ethel's Song

Ethel’s Song: A Coming Home Novel


Author: Tori Bailey
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Product Description

Only one thing stood between Ethel and her wedding day…

“Marry me.” Two words she never believed would be spoken to her. But, Madison Barfield had. Now, she must explain that legally she was still married to a man that abandoned her and her two sons – Howard Song. She wasn’t sure if he was dead or alive.

News of his wife’s pending marriage arrive through a stranger. Howard Song did not care about the identity of the messenger, only the message. It was time he returned home, to ask for a second chance with his family.

Madison knew the moment he saw the man standing in Ethel’s dining room his identity. Ethel’s reaction confirmed that Howard’s disappearance had been a blessing. Placing a protective arm around Ethel’s waist, Madison would not let Howard Song hurt her or her two sons again.



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