Roze - Hellkat



Paperback / 274 pages

Author: Robyn Roze
Product ID: 2101

Product Description

AWARD: Shelf Unbound Notable Indie & National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist<

Kat James thought one hot night between the sheets would get Tucker Williams out of her system.

She was wrong.

Now what?

She may not live long enough to find out…

~ Romance, mystery, and family drama that will keep you reading past your bedtime. ~

Men and relationships have always disappointed Kat James. Not that it matters, because she doesn’t believe a woman can have it all, not without giving up her independence and identity; something Kat will not do. If there is such a thing as having it all, it’s going to be on Kat’s terms. And if there’s a man out there who can deal with that, she hasn’t met him yet.

Enter Tucker Williams. A cowboy who knows all too well about life’s ups and downs. He’s learned the hard way that control is illusory. So he meets whatever happens head-on, confronts it without flinching. Because he knows that’s his only chance of having control over anything, no matter how brief.

When his eyes set on Kat James, he glimpses a woman who believes she’s in control. A woman who feels like a force of nature. A woman who should be wild and free.

A woman who has forgotten how to be either.

When dangerous family secrets surface, Kat will confront the people who’ve irrevocably changed her life. But in the end, she and Tucker will battle a union of madness they could not have seen coming.

Family is supposed to watch your back, but sometimes they stab you in it instead.




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