Gowri Nat - Litte Jessie's Beach Fun

Little Jessie’s Beach Fun


Author: Gowri Nat
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Product Description

Affable, young Jessie loves nothing more than a day at the beach with her dad taking in the sunshine, sand, trees, birds, sea animals and more. One day, her outing puts her in contact with a new friend with interesting things to teach Jessie. And the friendly girl has a pleasant surprise in store for her new friend. Who could this new pal be? And what special treat does Jessie have in store? Dive into Jessie’s world and find out in Little Jessie’s Beach Fun. Appropriate for children ages 3 through 8 – but written to stretch young readers’ cognitive and reading skills – Little Jessie’s Beach Fun is a colorful, exciting and vibrant outdoor adventure that resonates with children curious about the world – the natural world beyond the artificial confines of video games, smart phones, televisions and tablet computers. The easy-to-ready, brilliantly illustrated tale not only delivers a light, fun story with lovable characters, but also instills an early appreciation of nature and valuable lessons about love, kindness and cherished core values.



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