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Pretty Words: Nothing More.


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From the award-winning author of The King of Casinos comes a very personal work about falling in love with the wrong person.

It started out as images and thoughts shared on Facebook to deal with the pleasure and pain of falling in love, being in love, and losing love.

Before long, they were gathering likes and comments from many well-read people, and those readers were asking for more. Ultimately, the uphill battle fought while trying, and failing, to gain the attention of one specific woman, turned into a reflection and exploration of feelings about six very different, and oddly similar women.

Passionate and succinct, these short-form poems carry a lot of meaning and offer a unique perspective on a universal subject.

By design, this book is very basic and does not feature any images or frills. The sales from this book will aid in funding the publishing of “Pretty Words. So Much More.” which will feature high-quality original images and artwork from nearly 20 extremely talented, and largely unknown artists from around the United States.

“Martello is clearly a talented writer, as even from the small amount of content that is within the pages of this book, it is obvious that he has a way with words. His poetic verses are succinct, but still powerful. This is the way poetry should be, playing with assumptions and turning them on their heads, not over wringing out words repeatedly to create something completely unknown, but something new instead. The only problem about this collection is that we wish it was longer.”



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