Terry Sykes-Bradshaw - The Awful Truth About Dead Men

The Awful Truth About Dead Men


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When five friends schedule a Girls Getaway Cruise in the Florida Keys, they anticipate doing nothing more than escaping from the nasty January weather in Ohio by sailing on a 90-foot sailboat called the Mirage. This idyllic interlude is interrupted when Kate Kelly, who has always dreamed of solving a crime, stumbles upon the body of the boat’s captain, Nigel Fairweather, sprawled on the floor of his cabin. She assumes that he is dead.
This shocking discovery makes a shambles of their carefree vacation. And with no one to rely on but themselves, Kate and her four friends decide to take matters into their own hands. In spite of a wild storm at sea, suspicious hanky panky, and overbearing policemen, they are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of Captain Fairweather’s disappearance. Then they can return to more important things…like acquiring the perfect tan, wearing flip flops, and guzzling little umbrella drinks.
Before that can happen, though, they have to find out if the Captain is dead or alive and what prior relationship he may have had with the Mirage’s other two passengers, the gorgeous Svetlana and her geeky husband, Glenn. And they must unearth the secrets that Fresh Ketch Marina owners Hank and Flo are hiding. Could they shed some light on the situation? And to further complicate matters, there’s that other body that washes ashore . . . who is it and what part has he played?
The five discover that, aboard the Mirage, what you see is not always what you think you’ve seen.



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