Jennie M. Bragaw - The Marble Harvest

The Marble Harvest (hardcover)


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“The Marble Harvest is a charming, accessible story. The plot and characters made it a perfect fit for my fourth grade class, in Los Angeles. My students could easily connect with various events, like playing marbles, going to school, and the excitement of an earthquake. Most of all, they were deeply moved by the brave, caring, responsible protagonist, Beatrice. We were amazed by her hard-working spirit, courage, and love for her family, especially her brother, Steve. The book surpassed the high expectations I had for it. It is a must read for all California classrooms, particularly the upper elementary grades. Through her endearing, sincere protagonist, Bragaw illuminates social justice issues that working families and children still face in California farming communities today. Adult and child readers alike will be gripped by the story’s genuinely honest tone.” – JOHN BRECKENFELD, 4TH GRADE TEACHER, LOS ANGELES, 4/10/2013



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