Richard H. Fox - Wandering in Puzzle Boxes

Wandering in Puzzle Boxes


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What are you looking for? I think you’ll find it here in Richard H. Fox’s second poetry collection, wandering in puzzle boxes. They’re all present and accounted for: the poems of love and loss, health and healing, identity and homage, the lyrics and the narratives intertwined. When this speaker tells me, “I want to wear Coke-bottle glasses, corneas blue whale eyes,” I believe him. In fact, I’d follow this man down Alligator Alley and the Massachusetts Turnpike. I’d stand beside him in “the mourner’s waiting line,” share a beer while “a folk singer/belts out francophone lyrics over a dreadnought.” I say I would, but I already have. Put your thumb out, and hitch this humble, honest ride.
~ Julie Marie Wade, When I Was Straight and Postage Due



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