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Marni Kay Martinez was introduced to American Sign Language at an early age. Her mother, Sharon, worked with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in an elementary school. As an elementary school student herself,Marni would go to school with her mom and communicate with the students often. Each time, she learned more signs and had so much fun “talking” with the students. As the years passed, Marni took American Sign Language (ASL) in High School and continued to learn ASL at the University of Central Florida (UCF). She graduated from UCF with a degree in Elementary Education. She then went on to pass her knowledge of sign language to students in her classes for over 15 years. She currently works as a literacy coach in an elementary school with a Deaf and Hard of Hearing program. The students and teachers at the school are the inspiration for this book. David R. Martinez loves to draw. He is a professional geologist and freelance illustrator who is inspired to create images that encourage creativity and produce smiles for kids of all ages. Dave and Marni are a husband-and-wife team who enjoy spending time with their two children and look forward to collaborating on many projects together.

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