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Boots Hensel, Award Winning Author of THE ZOOPENDOUS SURPRISE & JOHARI’S JOY

She hadn’t planned on being where she is today, that is an author. Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, she enjoyed the simple life. She liked writing, but never thought it would be a career.

She studied Nursing at Old Dominion College and married her college sweetheart. She left nursing school behind and went with him when he entered the United States Army.

When her husband retired from the Army, she shook the travel dust off her shoes and settled down. She was accepted to radiologic technology school and believes that was the beginning of her creative spark. After all, taking X-rays is photography. She continued with that career until she moved to a small town in North Carolina. The town was so small that there was only one hospital and they didn’t need an X-ray technologist. So, she became a stay at home wife and mother.

In no time, the highlight of her day was greeting our rural postman! This was not a good sign. She needed something else to do. Now it was time to go back to nursing school. She put her mind to the grindstone and graduated with a nursing degree. It was a goal she had many years before, and now it was accomplished.

After that she and her husband moved to Florida. She loved taking care of her patients. She felt it was a gift making someone feel better. She had two beautiful daughters by now and two grandchildren. Life was good.

Then, the sky fell out. her youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She was 26 years old. It was devastating. After one year of treatment, her valiant effort came to a close. She passed away. It was 2004.

Boots couldn’t think of anything else except her loss. It was the worst feeling. Her sister-in-law called and asked if she could write a story about Boots’ daughters’ elephants. Her daughter had been a zookeeper of elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and zebras. Boots told her absolutely and hung up the phone.

After a few minutes of thought, she realized she should be the one writing that story and here is where her new life begins and she discovers what she truly loved to do. Where else can she interact with children who enjoy her made up stories. And being able to work at home in her jammies was definitely a perk!

Now, she still has two beautiful daughters. One lives close by with her two grandchildren and the other is in Heaven.

Life is good.

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