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Patti Brassard wrote her first book when she was about 9 years old… on pink paper… while sitting on the floor of her bedroom in upstate NY. It was about a group of kids who lived in the same neighbourhood and formed a club called “The Adams Aces” and then built a tree house. Her inspiration? She and her friends had just spent the afternoon trying to build a treehouse in their neighbourhood. They say write what you know and apparently at nine, she didn’t have a lot of knowledge to from which to draw. Of course, it was never published.

She wouldn’t write another book for 40 years. Her first children’s book, “How Long Will You Love Me” was published by Halo Publishing International in 2013 and was followed up with the award-winning, “Stu’e Big Party”. To date she was also illustrated 10 books for other Children’s book authors.

She lives in sunny Florida with her 2 rescued mutts and 1 rescued husband. She needs a nap.


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