PJ’s People

Patti Brassard Jefferson (P.J. Boox CEO/The Disrupter)Patti Brassard Jefferson
Patti Brassard Jefferson is an award-winning authorpreneur, illustrator, multi-medium artist, bubble-blower, tiara model and bookstore owner. She owns exactly zero pairs of socks, daydreams about tropical bike paths and lives with her 2 rescued mutts and 1 rescued husband.


Amber Arvin (Store Manager/The Hippie Chick)Amber Arvin

Amber Arvin is currently a student of psychology and the world with much love for the human race… and cheese. When she isn’t reading, hiking, enjoying the beach or getting to know people, she is daydreaming about her lovely boyfriend. Her biggest dream is to teach children how to reach for the stars and hold them in their pockets.

Tim Jacobs (Sales Associate/The Jokester)Tim Jacobs
Timothy Jacobs grew up with a love of reading and writing. Since childhood he has written poetry, short stories, novels, books, and a screenplay. He is a co-owner of the Gulf Coast Bookstore with Patti Brassard Jefferson, and is excited to be working at PJ Boox Bookstore, being surrounded by so many creative authors. He also has an editorial business where he inspires, assists, and challenges writers to achieve their writing goals. (<– this is the most serious thing he has ever written. Ever.)


Rob Stahl (Events Coordinator/Publicist/The New Guy)Rob Stahl
Rob Stahl has spent decades being immersed in the book industry, working on almost every level both traditionally and independently… obviously trying to live down the fact that he ran into trouble once as a teenager while wearing a “Property of Alcatraz” T-shirt. A transplant from the wild North, Rob now lives in Ft Myers where he can be found hanging out with some unsavory characters – mostly indie authors.