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Born in San Diego , California but raised in Germantown , Maryland. I was never very good at school; average to below-average and in sports whether it was football , wrestling , or Taekwondo I was always average to below average. Later I would find out that this might be caused by two physical genetic disorders that I have had since birth , but you know how it is in life , you have to play the hand that you’re dealt. I did end up finishing with a degree in social studies education and a masters in geography education from a small school in southern West Virginia.

It is interesting that I would take up writing because in all honesty I never really enjoyed it during school at any level; and in fact I would say that my major and masters don’t really suit that of the cliché writer. However when I do possess is a thirst for knowledge of  the world and the universe. I also question deeply societal norms and take a very cynical approach to just about everything I do. That in combination with the facts that I have a very twisted sense of humor and that I just have a very good imagination pulled together from various sources led me to believe that I could write a trilogy that was really just a way for me to vent my frustration at my inability to secure a teaching position.

I am still trying to figure out who exactly my focus tailored to, but like everything in life it’s a work in progress; and I am sure I will get it right over the course of the trilogy. I have entered into the Readers Choice Book Awards in Miami and I have also planned on putting a display in the upcoming Miami Book Festival regardless of the outcome of the awards ceremony. But I feel I have a good chance at placing because of the uniqueness of my book. It has been a staple of my life for a while now to do things differently than the norm and to stand out from the crowd , this is evident by the unorthodox way in which I promote my book series. So I would consider myself a true outsider when it comes to writing.

Right now I am in the process I’m leaving the before and after school care program that I work for and Northwest Washington DC and utilizing a staffing agency to finally get my put into the door of a teaching system. I also will be coaching flag football in the fall in the hopes to build my resume and eventually become a head football coach at a high school.

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